Mexico City, Jult 24, 2002
Press Release N° 655/02 


. Identified as collaborator of Manuel Martínez González (a) "La Mojarra", who was detained along with Benjamín Arellano Félix.

Through instructions from the Public Ministry agent of the UEDO, AFI elements complied with the apprehension order issued by federal judge against Carlos Pablo Bayo Díaz (a) "La Mojarra", for his alleged responsibility of violation of the Federal Law against Organized Crime, drug related violations and operating with illegal resources.

The above, as a result of UEDO investigations regarding the Arellano Félix organization.

Last April 24th, 2002, Bayo Díaz was presented to the UEDO, and on April 26th, a federal court issued a home arrest for 90 days as to allow the prosecutors to obtain greater elements to prosecute him. He is already at the disposal of a judge.

At the moment of his arrest, a blue Grand Cherokee, with Mexico City license plates vehicle was secured from him and was identified as a main collaborator of Manuel Martínez González (a) "La Mojarra", who was arrested along with Benjamín Arellano félix past March.