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Viernes, 26 de Septiembre de 2008 > Press Release 777/08


The Attorney General of the Republic informs that personnel attached to the Sub-Attorney of Specialized Investigation in Organized Crime, arrested this afternoon, in Apatzingan, Michoacan, to three alleged perpetrators of criminal acts committed in Morelia, the last September 15. They are Julio Cesar Mondragon Mendoza, Juan Carlos Castro Galeana y Alfredo Rosas Elicea, testified before this federal authority that they were who detonated fragmentation grenades against the people gathered as a result of popular festivities in that city, during the independence day.

That day, around the 23:05 hours, when the Governor sounded the bell commemorating the anniversary of the Independence War, in the Place "Melchor Ocampo" in Morelia Michocan, a fragmentation grenade exploded; little later, at the corner of Madero Poniente and Quintana Roo streets, there was another fragmentation grenade explosion.

The result of these two explosions was eight people dead and 106 injured; 76 were registered and treated in various hospitals in Morelia and 30 cases were treated at the scene for minor injuries.

The PGRs Delegation in Michoacan started the previous investigation PGR/MICH/M-I/637/08, for the Violation of the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives.

For its part, the Attorney General of Justice for the State of Michoacan started the questioning 231/08/AEH/III/3 for Homicide and Injuries.

Subsequently, on September 23, the SIEDO, exercised its power of attraction and began the previous investigation PG/SIEDO/UEITA/110/2008, for Organized Crime, Terrorism and Possession of Material Exclusive Use the Army, Navy and Air Force (grenades) and attracted the investigation opened by the Delegation in Michoacan, to continue the investigation and legal proceedings ministerial.

On the 24th, the SIEDO received an anonymous reporting, the person who talk said to know where were the people who made the criminal action in Morelia, been in an address in Apatzingan.

For that, the Federal Prosecutor ordered the verification of the information and went to the place with personnel of the Sub-Attorney, where they located and arrested three persons, who were move to Mexico City, to declare before de Federal Public Ministry Agent.

These three persons said their three names are: Julio Cesar Mondragon Mendoza, Juan Carlos Castro Galeana and Alfredo Rosas Elicea, and they admitted being the perpetrators of the explosions. They also referred part of the criminal organization "Los Zetas" and have criminal activities long time ago in Michoacan.

The Federal Prosecutor of SIEDO will ask to the District Judge their provisional detention to deepen the investigations and corroborate legally these declarations, to know and determine according to Law the historic y legal true of the facts, and identify fully the perpetrators, intellectual and accomplices of this barbarous criminal act.

The Federal Government reiterates that the struggle of society and government authorities against the enemies of Mexico and those who threaten security, tranquility and trust of the Mexicans, there is not distinction or preference to any criminal group.

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